• Welcome to Os-Wear Skates

  • Welcome to Os-Wear Skates

  • Welcome to Os-Wear Skates

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We small, friendly and talented team. We helping our customers gain popularity in the online world.

Oswea Phelix

A Telecommunication Professional with diverse experience in Network operations and maintenance, Radio, Transmission, Planning, Optimization having worked on different Projects across Africa for Huawei Kenya, Safaricom Kenya, Huawei Congo DRC, MTN Ivory Cost and Aviat South Sudan.

Oswea Phelix

Lorrine Oswea
Skill Title 1
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Skill Title 3

An Accountant by profession having diverse experience in different Firms like Barclays, Masters in Strategic Business Management. General issues

Lorrine Oswea


Os-wear Skates Perspective

The Os-wear skates has an international perspective with a focus on:

  • Sports


    • Sports: Targeting sport at the core of an ever growing and widening matrix of the entertainment industry.
    • Clients: Providing cutting-edge, client-focused solutions.
    • Excellence: Striving for excellence in the execution of everything we do
  • Innovation


    • Innovation: Innovating in sports, and marketing content as well as service solutions.
    • Flexibility: Maintaining the flexibility to adapt quickly to the changing environment and capturing attractive opportunities.
    • Partnerships: Ensuring we remain a sought-after partner in the industry.
  • People


    • Sustainability: Seeking sustainable solutions and taking our corporate social responsibility to our stakeholders.
    • People: Offering a fulfilling work environment so that we can attract, develop and retain exceptional people with a passion for sports marketing.


Our Prices

If you are intrested in purchasing a hoverboard or feel like experiencing the awsmness of riding one, kindly get in touch with us for directions on where to find us or to get a quote if you'd like to own one.

Karen, Nairobi,